to the accommodation or from one accommodation to the other one, The word "you" refers to the client visiting the Website and/or make 


No compensation will be offered for financial loss when booking a trip or accommodation in connection with our races. In these cases we refer you to your 

A guest's stateroom or suite. Beautiful, unique interior of the apartment refers to the old, traditional architecture. Luxury furnishings are made ​​with extreme care, exclusively from natural  In this contest, digitalization refers to the development and the interoperability of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Geographic  Ocular accommodation is the effecting of refractive changes by changes in the shape of the CRYSTALLINE LENS. Loosely, it refers to ocular adjustments for  Prosafe refers to the information on its financial status and process with owner and operator of semi-submersible accommodation vessels. Guest refers to the Customer personally, or a natural person in the which the reservation confirmation relates to (the”Accommodation”) and the services  Equality, non-discrimination and reasonable accommodation (article 5) . periodic reporting refer to the human rights based approach under articles 1, 8 and  Section 9: Accommodation.

Accommodation refers to the

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1. The act of accommodating or the state of being accommodated; adjustment. 2. Something that meets a need; a convenience. 3. accommodations a.

accommodation Ophthalmology The automatic adjustment of the lens curvature, resulting in a change in the focal length of the eye, which brings images of objects from various distances into focus on the retina; the ability of the eye to focus at various distances, by changing lens shape.

Reasonable Accommodation refers to necessary and appropriate modification and adjustments not imposing a disproportionate or undue burden, where needed in a particular case, to ensure persons with disabilities the enjoyment or exercise on an equal basis with others of all human rights and fundamental In this, distances vary for individuals from the far point—the maximum distance from the eye for which a clear image of an object can be seen, to the near point—   The term " accommodation" as applied to the eye, refers to its ability to: (a) control the light intensity falling on the retina (b) erect the inverted image formed on  We refer to the accommodation and food and beverage services sectors together as the hospitality industry. This chapter explores the accommodation sector,  Accommodation of the eye refers to the act of physiologically adjusting crystalline lens elements to alter the refractive power and bring objects that are closer to  19 Nov 2019 Explanation:Accommodation: In medicine, the ability of the eye to change its focus from distant to near objects (and vice versa).

Huvudsakliga översättningar. Engelska, Svenska. accommodation, also US: accommodations nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (hotel room) 

Accommodation refers to the

j. An 'Eligible Child' is a child who is aged 16-17 and who has been looked after by a local authority  Reasonable accommodation refers to the provision of conditions, equipment, and environment that enable an individual to effectively perform his or her job.

The term accommodation refers to a room, building or lodging which provides shelter for a person to stay, sleep and live.
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The term accommodation refers to a room, building or lodging which provides shelter for a person to stay, sleep and live. There are many different types of spaces that classify as accommodation, though in the hospitality industry the term is used to refer to a room at a hospitality company such as a hotel, resort, hostel, motel etc.

The term accommodation refers to a room, building or lodging  The pathway is as follows: optic nerve afferents travel to the lateral geniculate nucleus and then to the primary visual cortex. For the efferent pathway: occipital lobe  Visual accommodation is a reflexive physical process in which the lens of the eye adjusts allowing images to become focused. These changes allow objects to  The term " accommodation" as applied to the eye, refers to its ability to: (a) control the light intensity falling on the retina (b) erect the inverted  Accommodation refers to the · The blind spot is located in the area of the retina · Rods are · Simultaneously analyzing distinct subunits of information received by   Other terms which refer to the same set of disorders include visual or auditory represent a number of common interventions and accommodations used with  Graduate milestone accommodations, or cooperative education accommodations will be communicated via email to the relevant stakeholder.
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Object performance refers to the understanding that an object continues to exist even though they are out an observer's (here: the horse's) sight 

Old schemas may be changed and, in some cases, entirely new schemas may be formed. Accommodation refers to: a. diminishing sensitivity to an unchanging stimulus b. quivering eye movements that enable the retina to detect continuous stimulation c.

15 Dec 2011 This accommodation may be as easy as preferential seating (does the student need to be close to the board to see or next to the teacher to hear 

In ophthalmology, a phenomenon noted in receptors in which continued stimulation fails to elicit a sensation or response.

What if there is a dispute about my request for accommodation?